The Author

Most of the people I know call me Gabi. It is a name that comprises my tendencies to shorten things out, to go straight to the core.

I have a background in media, PR, event planning but I found myself totally absorbed by the hospitality industry in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA. Throughout my journeys, I have always loved and wanted one thing – to write – but I never found the courage to start it. I found it here, in Jackson, and, no matter how bad I am at it, I will keep doing it until I get better.

This blog is a page were I practice writing, were I try to improve and diversify my skills of capturing the world in words and phrases. I want this Place to be the one page you go to when you need to find someone you can connect to, whose writing touches a part of you and whose words make you react in any way possible – be it positive or negative.

Wish me luck in my endeavour and keep me company!

Update: Since I moved back to Romania, I took up writing in Romanian. You can now read my latest posts in Romanian at

3 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Dear Gabriela, I’ve been reading your posts form Jackson Hole. I am from Croatia, and last summer I went to Raton New Mexico, on J1 Visa. I loved every part of it.
    I have some questions about Jackson, would you mind to give me your email,since I couldn’t find it on your blog?

    Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.
    Lovely greetings,
    Ana Knezevic

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