The Sunshine People

They have a bright smile, that draws you in and makes you smile too. They look at you with big, deep eyes that see beyond your physical being, right into your soul. They talk in a soft, calm and sweet voice, making you listen carefully and absorb their every word. They breathe in and out in a strong, rhythmical way, making you adjust your breathing to theirs. I call them The Sunshine People.

I’ve been lucky enough to know a few of them and I love spending time with them, learning as much as I can from them, try to figure out what makes them so appealing and attractive and what exactly is that brings sunshine to my mind and soul. The first Sunshine Person I ever met (or maybe she was the first one I noticed) was Linda. She drew me in immediately with her piercing blue eyes, soft-spoken voice and warm attitude. She is blonde, indeed, but it’s not her hair I associate with sunshine, but the feeling of warmth she gave me. She has the ability of scolding you and making you feel grateful for the scold, she can even pretend to be mad at you and make you smile. It’s the social versatility, mixed with an intuitive knowledge of people that fascinate everyone who gets the chance to spend some time with her.

She can go from being a fierce manager, to a warm and open minded friend, to a strong, independent woman without changing anything essential to her personality. She is all these people and each one of them at the same time. I haven’t seen her in more than a year, but I could never forget how she was the one that made me want to know more about myself: “Gabi is humble and personable”. Spoken in that fascinating, soft voice of hers, these two adjectives changed the way I thought about myself and about my development as a person and opened me up to curiosity. I started to become curious about other people.


That’s how I started to observe people and I realized I needed to become a better listener. And, while listening to people, I discovered each one of them has a great story to tell. Especially the Sunshine People, because their light comes from within and is the result of experience – either good or bad, either pleasant or unpleasant. Not one of them is a mere average person, even if they haven’t achieved major success. Their experience comes from being open to the others, being ready to absorb with their senses the surroundings, process in their minds every word, sight or situation and to project it in a different form upon those they meet:

  • Sometimes it’s words – warm, natural, compelling, they tell you a story and it makes sense to you, it resonates with you and your views, you UNDERSTAND the meaning. Making sense is so rare these days, that I think it should be listed as a skill in their resumes.
  • Sometimes it’s their work: a business they launched, a piece of art they worked on, an advertising campaign, a little object they created and has an impact on people who see them.

Most of the times though, The Sunshine People go unnoticed. Because they’re so discreet, so quiet in their work and observation of the world, that their mark is visible only to those who keep their eyes and minds wide open to the small wonders of men. I, myself, made an objective out of meeting and learning from The Sunshine People, from showing them to the others and sharing their talents with the world.

There are many of them in Romania, and I couldn’t be happier when I get the chance to meet them, so I decided to share with you their light – their creative prowess, intuitive manifestations and inner attractiveness. Stay with me for the next few weeks, I am going to proudly share with you The Sunshine People I know and their incredible pieces of work.

* The Sunshine People is a series of stories and interviews about beautiful and talented people that have the ability to project their natural inner light upon others, in the form of words, objects, businesses or art pieces. 

One thought on “The Sunshine People

  1. Dear Gabi: What a wonderful blog. I am so honored that you chose me to launch your series on Sunshine People even though I would not have described myself as such.

    Even though we are so far apart It is wonderful to see you grow in so many ways. Your mind and soul are constantly expanding and your curiosity about others is astounding. I hope Bobu appreciates what a wonderful woman he has married.

    I have become so involved in my glass work and the Glass Art Guild I joined that last week I said to myself “it is spring and I have not made plans to go to Romania, and now I have spent all my money on glass and my garden” and that made me sad because I miss you.

    I promise I will not do that again and I will set funds aside to come because life is short and it is the people in that short life that make it worth living.

    Please write and let me know how your company is doing. Have you traveled anywhere? Is the situation in the Crimea having any effect on Romania?

    We are all fine here. I am too busy for someone who retired but my desire to make beautiful and fun glass has led me down many roads and I have always been an instigator and a catalyst for change. I am trying to set up a glass art gallery as a cooperative non profit business.

    I have sadly neglected facebook and other social media but my Nephew says I MUST DO IT or I will become a dinosaur… it is one of my goals this year. I shall even TWEET!

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Love, Linda

    Linda Kalmar @ Sassy Glass

    Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 13:31:14 +0000 To:

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