A Lot Less Love on Valentine’s Day

I have a proposition for you: let’s show a lot less love on Valentine’s day and a lot more every ordinary day.

I’m surely not the first to make such a call to action, but I feel like it’s important to remember what love really is. And I will try and do that by stating first what love ISN’T.

Love isn’t:

  • a red teddy bear wrapped in plastic
  • a clumsy “I Love You” on February 14th, for the sake of the day, not the person next to you
  • a red rose
  • a post card bought from the supermarket that already has a text on it
  • humble brag on Facebook, showing how surprised you were by your boyfriend’s early present
  • a heart-shaped breakfast in bed ( who can eat breakfast without brushing their teeth anyway? And if you get up to brush your teeth you can’t call it breakfast in bed anymore.)
  • going out to fancy restaurants one day a year to eat the same overpriced food and drink the same wine as hundreds of couples
  • writing a loved-up post on your significant other’s Facebook wall for the world to see

Most probably, love IS the subtle feeling that you’re HOME when you’re with the one you love:

  • home when you embrace him/her, when you feel their subtle scent that only you have access to because it’s well hidden on the side of their neck,
  • home when you get to see him/her after a long day of work and smile suddenly comes to your lips,
  • home when you end that horrible fight with a crazy, teared-up hug and you can finally breathe,
  • home when you look into each other’s eyes without saying a thing, but knowing what the other is thinking and feeling.

And who says you can’t go home everyday?

3 thoughts on “A Lot Less Love on Valentine’s Day

  1. Gabi, I liked your post. We have nevermade a big deal about Valentine’s Day because, especially in the United States it is terribly commercial. I do send cards and cute kid candy to my Nephew’s kids, and I bought some beautiful fresh strawberries with chocolate for dipping for Riadh and me to share. He installed the 240V special electrical outlet I needed for my new huge kiln. Better than any Valentine Card. Hope you get this Hope you are well and happy Hope you and Bobu are fine. Love, Linda

    Linda Kalmar @ Sassy Glass Lindakalmar@msn.com

    Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 08:29:57 +0000 To: lindakalmar@msn.com

  2. I think “the new huge kiln” is the key word here and the fact that he helped you install it shows just how supportive he is and that’s another thing that love is: encouraging the other to do what they love.

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