What’s Your Fantastic Moment?

I read a blog post this morning and, even if it’s written for a contest, it inspired me. So I decided to make it a challenge. Yes, you read it right. A challenge.

I am challenging you all to write about That Fantastic Moment in your life/day/week/month. The moment that makes everything feel right in the world, or makes you feel good about yourselves. Write about it and post the link in the comments below, for  the others to read and empathize with you.

Let me be the first to take up my own challenge.

My Fantastic Moment happens every two weeks, when I high five the MailChimp monkey.

MailChimp is an online platform that helps you send out better newsletters and offers you a variety of templates. Every two weeks, I create and send out our company’s newsletter. Basically, I write a bunch of news about the glass industry, our company and our products, wrap them nicely and email them to all our subscribers. It might just sound uninteresting to you, but to me it’s always a challenge that I take up willingly and anxiously at the same time.

For those working in online marketing, a newsletter is a huge responsibility, a tool that can establish a good relationship with a customer or destroy the existing one. So, while writing it, I put all my communication skills to work, to make it interesting, appealing and useful as well.

My Fantastic Moment is when I high five the screen :). source: mailchimp.com

My Fantastic Moment is when I high five the screen :). source: mailchimp.com

After all the tension and attention put in the creative work, my greatest relief and joy comes when I high five the mail chimp. It’s all incredibly peaceful, I sent my message to the world, released the creative energies, releaved my brain muscles….


To my fellow Romanian bloggers: Sunteti si voi invitati/invitate sa participati la leapsa pornita de mine, mi-ar placea sa scrieti care sunt momentele voastre fantastice, ce va face sa va simtiti bine si sa postati linkul in sectiunea de comentarii a acestui post. Spor la scris!


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