The Big 5-0

I mean, my 50th blog post, what did you think?

I know, I know, 50 is not as important as 100. Regardless, I feel the need to celebrate and write a motivational post for myself (that’s because I heard that being self-centered pays off every now and then).

1. Good job, Gabi! You’ve done it, you’ve overcome your fear of being criticised, of not being smart, talented or witty enough. (Note that I didn’t say I was smart, or talented or witty enough – I still have my reserves).

2. “I want to break free” is no longer just my every-morning-song. It is also this blog and everything I wrote. My breaking-free became my weekly routine and, God, it feels so goood…

3. Keep it up, girl!

I also want to thank you, guys, for reading my modest creations and making me want to share even more! I promise I’ll get smarter, better, wittier and a pleasure for you to read.

Disclaimer: I am not crazy, not really… just pretty happy about how things turned up with this blog.

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