Going Back to Our Roots: Romanian Traditional Wedding

I guess weddings come in all sizes and colors. I gues everything comes in different sizes and colors and it is up to us to find what suites us best. Some like to go big, others prefer intimacy and closeness, just like some of us prefer modern quirky weddings, as opposed to those who embrace tradition with all their hearts.

As for myself, I’m somewhere in between and it feels just fine. 

What felt amazing, though, was reading about a small wedding in Ploiesti, Romania, whose protagonists chose the traditional way and turned their wedding into a lively and authentic display of  old Romanian traditions and customs. It was so beautiful, that I won’t even comment on it, for I’m afraid I might ruin it.

Here are some photos of the groom and bride:

Groom, bride and their godparents

Groom, bride and their godparents

They wore Romanian traditional attire, served homemade drinks and food and the bride even brought her dowry – the needle works that she had made before getting married.

Their wedding guests also wore the traditional attire (some even matched it with jeans):

Traditional Romanian attire

Bride’s dowry (all of it was made by her with care and attention to detail):


Homemade drinks:

Homemade syrup

Rose syrup and cherry syrup

This is how weddings use to look in our country a few decades ago and it brings me great joy that some of us have the courage to bring back old values and traditions. It takes true maturity to be able to appreciate the past and how hard our ancestors worked to be able to leave us this legacy of shape, color, texture and technique.

If you liked any of the Romanian clothing pieces in these photos, here’s a great place to buy them: http://www.iiana.ro/.

Photos and information taken from: http://www.adevarul.ro. Original article here.

One thought on “Going Back to Our Roots: Romanian Traditional Wedding

  1. Oh! I loved it. Her dowry is fabulous! Do you know how much Americans would pay for some of her needlework? The red blanket was just too fabulous. Perhaps you should look into becomming an import-export business. I am sure that people in Romania could use a little extra $$ and there are places here that would love to sell those items. That is already done…but there is always room for more. We cry about being poor but Americans still outspend every country in the world. The wedding looked so fun! Of course so did yours. When you and Bobu renew your vows sometime in th future that could be the way to go. I am thirsty for the drinks. Go wake up Bobu. Why is he so tired? Love, Linda

    Linda Kalmar @ Sassy Glass Lindakalmar@msn.com

    Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 16:49:48 +0000 To: lindakalmar@msn.com

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