Weddings: Pain in the Butt or Opportunity to Get Creative? Part 3

As I promised you, I’m coming back with the third (and last) part of my personal view on weddings. I wrote about the budget, the fights, colors, DIY ideas, harmony, but it’s time to talk about two very important subjects ( and everyone’s favorites too): The Dress and The Big Day.

How you know which one’s The One

I must start by saying I bought my wedding dress in one day – the first and last I tried on wedding dresses. Now, don’t imagine that was an easy day. It’s true, we had started planning a year before, but I was tied up with work and wanted to do serious research before trying tens of dresses until I loathe the process. I made a shortlist of four stores and made appointments to all on the same day (I was pressed by time, because I wanted my dress to be from the US, even though that meant taking it with me on plane to Romania).

I tried on every dress I liked on the rack, especially the ones that looked great in magazines. During my second appointment, the dress consultant at The Brides’ Shop in Salt Lake City, asked me to put on a Justin Alexander rushed silk dress that looked horrendous to me. At first I refused, but she asked me to do her the favor, so I put it on. And I was shocked – it was the first time I felt as a bride. I saw myself beautiful, radiant and felt the dress hugging me, instead of hanging from me, as I had felt with the other dresses.

My fiance (yes, he came with me to buy the dress) was taken aback. Honestly, I saw his jaw drop, his smile becoming so wide it covered his entire face and I knew… I knew that I had to be beautiful, not just the dress.

Wedding dress and hair accesory

Wedding dress and hair piece

Of course I tried other dresses after that, but not even the Vera Wang ones convinced me to give up on that one. I went back and bought it, even though it was two sizes larger. I had it adjusted when I came back to Romania and it turned out a great decision: the dress was light and comfortable, I was able to dance all night. Besides, it was well made, it didn’t fall off me at all, even though it was strapless. On top, my decoletage and silhouette looked sexy, without being vulgar or revealing too much.

We both got creative with my hair piece, which was hand made by Sibo Designs and it was something I never thought I would wear: timeless and romantic, yet simple and understated. I will definitely keep that for my daughter.

Dear brides, when you buy your wedding dress, look at yourselves in the mirror, not only at the dress. Do you look beautiful? Do you look the best you’ve ever looked? Does it showcase your best assets? It feels comfortable enough to walk and dance in it? Does the grin on your face won’t come off no matter what? If Yes to all questions, than that’s The One. 

Dear grooms, if you haven’t found out yet, the bride is the most important. You dress to match and complement her. You might be the love of her life, but for the others, she’s the paramount, while you’re the perfect accessory. No worries, everyone will compliment you too: for your beautiful wife.

The Big Day

There are so many things you have to do on the wedding day, that you can easily get confused and forget something. To prevent that, my husband and I made a list of everything that needed to be taken care of and, the night before, we briefed everyone involved in the wedding and assigned tasks for each of them. Our only tasks were to be relaxed and happy, to make ourselves pretty for the wedding, take lots of photos and have a lot of fun. And we accomplished our every task with a huge smile.

Wedding reception location

This is where the reception was held

As you may know, the groom’s preparations are not a big deal: shave, shower, moisturize, hair-do, dress. That’s pretty much it. When it comes to the bride, things get complicated: you have to have you hair and make-up done in an impecable and satisfying way, get into the dress, shoes, put on jewelry and accesories, take your bouquet and smile nicely and seductively all night long. Withstand admirative looks, nasty comments, ridiculous dances with older men, dance on those heels until your feet burn.

It may sound terrible, but overcoming small inconveniences and being happy on your wedding day comes down to a few tricks:

  • Sleep well the night before your wedding – at least 5 or 6 hours;
  • Eat your breakfast, drink your morning coffee in peace and stay hidrated all throughout the day – stress and emotions can make you sick and nobody likes a passed out bride;
  • Tune out everyone stressing around you, do not assume any organizing tasks that day and keep your phone close just for necessary calls;
  • Enjoy your pampering session, talk a lot with the make up artist and the hair dresser, they know a lot about how to calm down a bride (if I didn’t say it before, go to a make up and hair style test before the wedding, it will help a lot and prevents wedding day distasters);
  • Take your time to breath and have a peaceful moment with your groom before the craziness starts;
  • Smile during the religious ceremony, there will be a lot of photos taken, you wouldn’t want to look sad on your wedding day; 
  • Rehearse the dance before the reception starts (if you prepared a choreography), it will be helpful when all eyes are on you and you’ll freeze with emotions;
  • Dance, smile, laugh, take photos – talk to all your guests, they will appreciate it;
  • If something comes up, send someone from the family to solve it, your job is to be happy and beautiful;
  • Kiss your new husband/wife, smile to him/her, enjoy the moment without thinking at food, flowers, or what others think of your wedding.

Don’t forget is YOUR wedding. I didn’t and I am so happy now that I let myself carried away and forgot every stressful detail that I dreaded before the wedding. Yes, the wedding may have been a pain in the butt at times, but when I look back, I saw how it made me become more creative, made me think outside the box and challenged myself to do and plan pretty things.

What do you guys think? Share with me your experience with wedding planning and how you coped with the stress and emotions.

Bridal photoshoot

Photos by CorinaD Photography

Next, I’m planning on showing you what a traditional Romanian wedding looks like. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it, so don’t forget to visit again.

2 thoughts on “Weddings: Pain in the Butt or Opportunity to Get Creative? Part 3

  1. Dear Gabby: I have enjoyed your writings about the planning of your wedding. Good advice that you should send into some bride magazines and see if they will pay you for your “article”. But here were my favorite things: 1. The way you look in your dress. It was made for you. 2. The photo of you with your hair down and blowing. You look like the beautiful gypsy! 3. The one of you and Bobu on the stairs with him looking like the cat that just licked the cream. 4. The beautiful cake with the butterflies. Were they spun sugar? NOW>>>will you tell me about your business and how you became interested in it? Riadh and I are FINALLY……after 2 years from the day I left…..going to Jackson for a few days. We leave tomorrow. Love, Linda

    Linda Kalmar @ Sassy Glass

    Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 09:49:49 +0000 To:

  2. Linda,

    Thank you again for your appreciation, it means a lot to me. The butterflies were marzipan and we ate them the day after, they were delicious. I loved the cake too, it was a great surprise, the lady who made it outdid herself. Everyone was delighted when they saw it. I am preparing a post about my business, it’s on the way. I’m glad you’re going back to Jackson, I wish I was there to welcome you. Bobu’s brother is there, though, working at Motel 6. Love you, have a safe trip.

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