Weddings: Pain in the Butt or Opportunity to Get Creative? Part 1

I got married on June 1st this year and I had a fun and wonderful wedding, planned entirely by me and my husband. The planning took more than a year and was a real challenge for our creativity, budget-making skills, organizing skills and, most of all, our patience. All the hassle was rewarded with an amazing day, content guests and lots of smiles and dancing. Was it worth? When we look back, do we remember the stress of planning it or the beautiful moments from our wedding day?

It all began with important aspects and The Budget

When we decided to get married, we already had the location in mind, so we made a phone call, reserved the reception hall for June 1st and got ready to plan. We were fortunate, we didn’t have to search for a good place, because we knew what we wanted from the start and we were lucky enough to be available in June – of course I wanted a June wedding, I wasn’t far from the typical bride-to-be myself.

Money became an issue immediately, as we decided to pay for the wedding ourselves. Our parents frowned and felt useless in the beginning, but they understood it is our wedding and it should be the way we want it to be. As you all know, weddings are expensive, so we tailored an initial budget, taking in consideration the basics for a wedding first: location, music, dress/suit, catering, church, photographer, videographer, invitations, etc. Second, we estimated our earnings for the year to come and adjusted the budget even more. That initial budget changed along the way, and we ended up spending more on certain aspects, such as: the wedding dress, cake. candy bar, photographer, etc. At the same time, we cut down certain expenses, such as: disposable cameras on each table, flowers in church. I’d say we pretty much met our budget without omitting anything essential.

Wedding budget

How we started making our budget

My adivce to future brides and grooms: put it all on paper, as it will help you a lot, you will not forget any aspect and it will give you an idea of how to work around the budget, because new expenses will come up, as the wedding approaches.

Wedding planner

My wedding planner

Fighting – inevitable

Four o’clock in the morning and my then-fiance stormed out the door raging about how we’d better cancel the wedding, because we’re turning on each other. You can imagine the drama, cries, frustration, just by reading from other people’s experience, well… being a part of it is ten times worst.

What to do when this moment comes? And it will come, don’t fool yourselves thinking you love each other and you have similar tastes, wishes and expectations.

Take a break. Prioritize: what’s more important – the color of the flower arrangements or your relationship? Be honest about what you both want with each other, as well as your parents – and don’t tell me you have the best parents ever, who want what you want. That’s impossible, because parents always have an opinion and, having gone through this, they think they know what’s best. They may know what’s best for them, but not always for you, so be straight forward and put your relationship above everything, even the wedding, because, after all, it’s about celebrating your love, not the wedding itself.

Choosing the right people to work with

From my own experience, research is a very important aspect in wedding planning. My husband and I both have high standards, so we’re not afraid of spending more for better quality, but we never pay for something without consulting several sources of information. For example, we always wanted a great photographer, because photos are all you’re left with in the long run, memories fade away. We surfed the internet for months, browsed through Facebook albums, websites, wedding magazines. First, we made an idea of what we wanted from a photographer, than we started looking for one that met our criteria: high quality photos, creative vision, prior experience, originality. We found Corina who teams up with her husband – he’s a videographer -, contacted her, settled the terms of agreement and signed a contract. It turned out a great choice, they did a wonderful job and now, we’re all happy because we have great memories, and we also had fun while shooting and posing.

Wedding photographer

CorinaD Photography

Again, be very honest about what you want, talk a lot with people involved in the wedding, make sure you fill them in on every aspect, as they cannot know what you’re thinking, no matter how good a professional they are. It is very important to have prior contact with your photo team, florist, designer, make up artist, hair dresser – if your personalities don’t match, there’s a big probability they won’t understand your perspective or what you expect of them. 

To be continued…

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