Sunday Story: How I Chose My Blog’s New Look

I was telling you here that I decided to give my blog a new look and, throughout the past few days, I’ve tryed on different themes, backgrounds and fonts. Today, I decided: it will be Expound and the cute, cheerful background you can all notice: Gypsy Garden.

Why Expound

After browsing through the WordPress themes for a few days and trying on a few, Expound came as a natural choice for my blog. I like it because it showcases every post beautifully, in a neat manner, allowing the readers to scroll down and see the title and lead of every post, without making them go through the entire content of each post. You, my dears, can click on the posts that attract you easily, you don’t have to scroll for ages to find something you like.

The magazine-like feel of it suits me – my former theme The Columnist is a similar concept – because I am the type of person that wants to be presented with all the options as fast as possible, in a pleasant way, with good graphics, good photos and interactive layout.

Also, the fact that this theme is mobile friendly was a plus to me. I know that most of you read blogs on you smartphones or tablets, so it is important to be easy to find, easy to read and pleasant to the eye.

I like all things colorful and simple

As some of you may have know from my latest Journal of Ideas, I am fond of colors and patterns that create a good vibe, that inspire you to be creative… Well, this is why I loved the Gypsy Garden pattern that Pixels and Ice Cream so kindly made it available for free for all us bloggers to use.

It is a happy, colorful yet simple background and I feel it showcases the posts nicely, letting the blog breathe through its airy placement of objects. It also inspires me, so I guess it’s a good choice.

There is another reason I felt immediate attraction to this background: when I saw the title, I immediately remembered that my good friend – and regular visitor – Linda called me a gypsy. She also made for me the beautiful glass piece pictured below which I am thankful for. It’s called Gypsy Passion and it shows a woman dancing in the middle of flames.

Gypsy Passion glass work

Gypsy Passion, by Linda Kalmar

This are the reasons why I chose this particular look for my blog. What do you guys think, how do you feel this helps emphasizing my writing?

One thought on “Sunday Story: How I Chose My Blog’s New Look

  1. Hi: I very much like the new look of your blog, the Expound and Gypsy Garden. I am so flattered that you put a photo of the glass I made for you on your blog. Will catch up with you later in the week. Must close now but I always smile when I see a post from you. Love to Bobu and you, Love, Linda

    Linda Kalmar @ Sassy Glass

    Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2013 12:38:51 +0000 To:

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