My Journal of Ideas: The Master of Palettes

Everytime I picture an event, a house, or a place, I picture the colors first and then the fragrance of that particular place/event. I think color means rejoycing life and makes everything more beautiful. Earth tones, shades of mint, teal and tourquoise, pops of red, pink or purple… All these want me to be a party planner, so I can mix and match them in a creative and pleasant way or, as I call it: the Master of Palettes.

Shades of green and leaves of joy

My summer has been dominated by green – from the color I chose for my wedding invitations, to the everyday view from my patio, to the color of my favorite spot in my room and to the color I chose for two of the doors in my new apartment.

decorated colorful tree

Cheerfully decorated tree; photo credits:

Creating everything revolved mostly around the feeling I get from the colors and green made me feel incredibly fresh, young, and energetic, so I used it as much as I could.

There’s no good party without color!

Wether you chosoe pink for a girls party, or black and white for cocktail evening, or teal and blue for a baby shower, the main point is you get to choose the color. As a party planner, you get to express yourself or, rather, the idea the party stands for, using colors. You are the master of palettes.

I think it takes courage to mix and match colors and I think of myself as a courageous person, so I want to do it extensively. What do you think? Would you want to be masters of palettes?

cupcakes and macaroons

Cupcakes & macaroons; photo credits:

On another note, here are some Master of Palettes that work in different domains, people that understand the effect and beauty of the right color:

Blogging & parties:


Glass art:

My Journal of Ideas is a series I started months ago and is intended as a way of sharing with you the creative/job/work ideas I have. You are most welcome to comment/blog/reblog about these ideas and your own, as well.

Later edit: Linda, who is an amazing American glass artist, shared with me one of her latest pieces. It is my pleasure to share her amazing talent with everyone

glass turtle

Colorful glass turtle, made by Linda Kalmar

6 thoughts on “My Journal of Ideas: The Master of Palettes

  1. Love your blog on color. I also love lots of color! ATTACHED ARE 2 PHOTO’S OF 2 OF MY NEWEST GLASS PIECES. Also Sending a photo of our sitting room in our home to demonstrate this.I also love Green, all shades of blue and lately violet, purple and pinks. Naturally RED and all the different shades. But green is the most restful. I think I love to gaze out of my bedroom window at our lush green garden because Utah is mostly desert and we have created a small oasis here. Now I want you to write about your new business venture. What are the tools you are selling? Who makes them? What does each one do? Which one do I need and why do I need it? Why did you choose this business…instead of say selling clothes, or books, or kitchen gadgets? Keep up the work! Love, lINDA

    Linda Kalmar @ Sassy Glass

    Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 07:52:25 +0000 To:

  2. As always, your glass pieces are wonderful, Linda. They speak of happiness and love of life, I can see your beautiful smile when I look at the pictures. I will definitely write about my work pretty soon, after I am done with picking my brain for new ideas to implement within our small business.

    • Hi Gabriela,

      Correction: Linda did not create the “Glass bear”, but Ruth Brockmann did. Linda merely enjoyed a photo of it when she visited Uroboros Glass in Portland, Oregon last July 2013, as I’m sure she will confirm. Anyone else in the glass industry will confirm it as well.


      Jennifer Hoyle

      • Ooh, and by the way, Ruth Brockmann died in July 2013 as well, so this is a potentially sensitive subject. Perhaps Linda Kalmar could hurry her originally intended photo to you so you could switch them out.

        Thanks again,


      • Jennifer,
        Thank you for your correction. I do not want, in any way, to hurt the feelings of those that were close to Ruth Brockmann or mislead people, so I will take the photo off. However, the bear is a great piece of art and it deserves appreciation. Wish you all the best!

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