My Journal of Ideas: March 22nd, 2013 – Gabriela’s Room

Inspired by a blog post and hunted by a few ideas of my own (this doesn’t mean they’re original, though), I am taking upon myself to keep a public journal where I will share them with you.

Gabriela’s Room

One evening, while riding the bus, I was thinking of my trip to my favorite consignment shop in Jackson – Queenie’s & Co. and I realized I am going to miss it when I’ll go back to Romania. That’s when this crazy idea came to my mind: why not open a personalized, Romanian version of Queenie’s in Iasi?

The concept: Selling new and used clothing items, accessories and decor, that are consigned by different people that no longer want/need them.

How it works: Consignors hand me over their belongings that they want to sell, I display them in my shop, and they get back a percentage of the selling price.

Why it works: Because it is different than a thrift shop in two ways: the items to be sold are clean and in a better shape (often times of great quality or of a renowned brand) and the atmosphere in the shop just won’t let you leave it without spending time in it. And also because it is very rarely met in Romania.

How it looks: The Room is a multicolored place, with happy mannequins and items displayed by color and type. It has different sources of lighting, that can either hide or make a spot more visible to the customers, and it’s full of aromatic scents that make you think you’re in a Spa (that’s how relaxing my customers will leave the Room). It has indoors plants and terrariums (for decor and sale, as well) and a wall of stories (either written or photographed). The music is chill and relaxed, not too high, nor too low – imagine shopping while listening to The Lumineers.

How it feels: It feels like an urban, chic oasis were you’re not forced to buy, but encouraged to browse, talk and share. It feels like travelling to a new place, where the buildings are old, but for you it’s a new world – probably the South of France – Provence.

Where it is: In the middle of the city, where you would expect least. It’s the one place that you find while wondering the streets by yourself, thinking of the future, feeling the tiring pulse of the city and wanting to be somewhere else.

Who comes in: There’s Ana, entering right now.  She has a passion for good quality clothes and tasteful, authentic accessories. She listens to indie and rock and absolutely adores Florence + The Machine. She’s somewhere between 20 and 30, with a career in the making. Or maybe just the regular hippie Ana. And also, the artistic Ana, or the marketing/PR Ana, or the student Ana, that wants to stand out in the crowd. All these Ana’s are coming in right now, and they all have in common one thing: they like different, authentic, relaxing places where they can get and share new ideas.

Who sells: Maria has plenty of designer clothes that she doesn’t wear, but she doesn’t really want to give them away or throw them, giving that she paid a lot for them. So, she consigns them to me, so that I can sell them for her. Money are not a necessity for her, but she knows how much hard work it takes to make them, so she values everything she has.


That Somewhere Else – Somehow Different – Someone’s Room… That’s Gabriela’s Room.

So, what do you think? Would I be able to pull this off?

3 thoughts on “My Journal of Ideas: March 22nd, 2013 – Gabriela’s Room

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