I Owe Writing to the World

A few months ago I started writing and I told myself and stated on this blog I will keep trying to improve and I will get better and better. This is not an excuse for not writing, merely an explanation of my absence online.

Break a leg, they say.

On New Years’ Eve, you make resolutions, you look towards the new year with optimism and the determination to become better. On the first day of the year, the same nice, warm feeling of a new beginning keeps you company and it feels good, new beginnings are exciting. For at least a few days, you make plans and start working towards making them happen.

In my case, New Year looks different. First, I was left without the fuzzy, warm feeling of optimism, then I was left without words. I saw a different side of the reality, one that I did not necessarily want to see. I saw tears and sadness, self doubt and regret, fear and loathing. Unfortunately, it’s not mine to tell, but this misfortune crippled me and a few others.  It made me realize life is short, people are precious, love and friendship are more important then anything else. Having people around you is a blessing and it can bring a smile on someone’s face even in the hardest moments.

Ironically, Tuesday, January 1st  I was going to see Django Unchained with my fiance when I got bad news, we turned the car around and dealt with what happened. A week after, when things got better, we decided to go skiing and then see Django. Great plan, only I had to pay a visit to the emergency room. A ski accident always finds the best time to happen – like when you’re in a foreign country or right before you have to work. Well, not at all surprising, we didn’t see Django that Tuesday either. I was told I had stretched a ligament, but I will be back to work in a week. That didn’t happen, my knee seemed to get worse, so yesterday – on a Tuesday, of course – I paid a visit to the doctor, to make sure my knee is healing. Surprise, my dear, your ligament is actually torn – you have to have an MRI done and then see if you need surgery. Well, things can’t go from bad to worse, can they? And they didn’t. Fortunately, I don’t need surgery – only two to six weeks to fully recover – and I finally got to see Django.

What do they say? Third time’s a charm.

Good things happen to those who go find them

I must say, the first part of this post is pretty dark and mysterious, but no worries, good things happened too. For example, we went snowmobiling on the first day of the year, I found out Santa’s day job – I’ll tell you later about this -, we had really funny and also pretty painful snowboard lessons in Grand Targhee and a few hours of great skiing in Jackson Hole.

I uploaded some photos from our snowmobile tour which, by the way, was great. There they are:

Elks in Gros Ventre

Elks in Gros Ventre

Red Hills

The Red Hills

Mountain Sheep

Mountain Sheep

Why I was wordless

Sometimes, with so many things happening in such a short period of time, you need time to absorb everything, you can’t just power through events without thinking them through. It would be like eating something, not digesting it and then that food coming out of you the way it went in. Pretty painful, right?

I took time to think, time to let everything settle in my mind, but it also felt like I didn’t have anything to write about, to share with you. Now that I just shared, I hope that my hunger for reading and writing will come back again. I hope that I will think clearly enough to be able to correctly criticize myself and see where and what I can improve. Stay with me through this and, please, tell me how I can get better.

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