Thrift stores and their hidden treasures

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole (Photo credit: mindwalker2076)

As I told you before, I am currently living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which is a high-end vacation destination, in the very heart of the Rocky Mountains. This town has always known two different kinds of people:

1. The tourists – they are just passing through, or even coming back every year, they leave a load of money – hotels are expensive, jewelry is exquisite, art is fascinanting and the restaurants totally satisfy you, making you always leave a good tip; half of them are just on their way to Yellowstone and on a budget and half of them come here to leave the Western dream and spend their hard earned money on local arts and crafts.

2. The locals – fascinating simple people, leaving in town or in a ranch hidden in the woods, between two hills. Either rich, or poor, they know how precious the Hole is but they keep it simple. Even if their houses are breathtaking or extremely simple and decent, they don’t show off, they are unpretentious, and talk about their kids and grandkids with love and warmth.

So, these the contrast between the sopfisticated tourists and the simple locals balances itself because the first, by spending money here, keep the locals happy with their jobs and the place they chose to live in. Even though such a big flow of people makes the prices go up, the locals know how to live a good life, either by shopping elsewhere or by taking advantage of what another side of Jackson has to offer.

And now, the real treasures

Despite the snobs, the riches and the exquisite allure of the town, one can find treasures in the most unexpected places: the thrift store. Now, don’t you frown and talk about how we can get diseases.

Jackson Hole NYC: Antique National Brass Cash ...

Jackson Hole NYC: Antique National Brass Cash Register (Photo credit: panduh)

I will tell you why I chose the word treasure but before, I am asking you: Do you like thrift stores? If Yes, may I ask why? If No, why not?

I am really curios what your opinion is on thrift stores and how you perceive them or your close friends and family. Have you ever found something really great in a thrift store? Share with us your thoughts by commenting on this post.


P.S. Oh, I promised you a story about the thrift stores in Jackson Hole. Stay put.

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