What makes you write?


Why are we writing? Who are we writing for – ourselves, the readers? What do we measure our succes by when writing? All these questions pop up in my mind when I think about myself as someone practicing her writing skills.


Where does it all start? 



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As Ion Creanga, one of the greatest Romanian writers, used to say: I don’t know about others, but myself…. I needed the guts to start writing. I also needed the guts to admit that I want to write, because it seemed ridiculos for me to even think that I might do that and I could do it well. It all started with the constant reading and the different types of literature I read. I started at 6 years old and only stopped for brief periods of time, when I found something else to do. I went from Romanian literature, to French, Russian, Polish, back to Romanian, then to Russian again, switching to South American writers, then Nort American, finding myself trapped by the fascinating world of Salman Rushdie’s books. Now I go through everything that triggers my curiosity, which made be happy, because I discovered one more writer I should put on my favorite’s list: Abraham Verghese – Ethiopian.

Does it make you crazy not doing it? Then do it!

This is how it happened to me. Not writing made everything build up inside, making me frustrated and not able to organize my thoughts into something creative or productive. So I said to myself I had to try it. I do not write for myself because I relate to others. The sound of my words adressed to myself doesn’t make any sense, because I project everything into the world. And that’s what made me write for the others.

When starting the blog, I had to overcome all my fears of ridiculos, of failure, of being shallow and not having anything worth sharing but, as one blogger that I recently discovered and related to immediatly said, ‘I just went with the flow’. I started writing about what interests me, what intrigues me and what makes me feel good. And I now realize I do the one thing that Cristian Mihai also considers important – I write with passion. And maybe that is more of a reason for writing than the thought that I might be succesful. Because I probably won’t. But that’s ok, failure is part of the process of growing.

Going back to what I said in the beginning, we are writing for the reader. Even though we like it or not. Maybe some of use wished we were such independent, autonomous beings that we didn’t need the others,but the truth is we all need social affirmation – be it someone’s affirmation or denyal of your authority or validity of opinion.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “What makes you write?

  1. That’s really nicely written. For my own part, I write because it’s the only way I function. Not writing stops my mind running and slows my body down. I do it because it’s what I am for.

    On what you said about affirmation, its true we all need people around us, but I also believe what people need most is inner satisfaction, and that too often poeple (especially creative types) look for exterior affirmation to replace something that should come from within.

  2. You do have a point about affirmation and that too often has a negative effect. Though I don’t think that social recognition should be what drives us to write, I do believe that creative people tend to be a little narcisistic and enjoy a boost of ego. On the other hand, I also think that a good writer’s work originates from within. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good. 🙂

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