Where do you get your inspiration from when planning a wedding?

I have tried event planning, and I think it is one of the most interesting fields that one can work in. It stimulates your creativity, puts your brain to work, it helps networking and making new contacts, it gives you the guts to try more. And more. And then… some more. Until your brain is fryed up with the stress of having too many ideas, too few resources and too little courage to go in for the kill.

If that is the case when planning events, what happens when you have to plan your own wedding? When all has to be perfect, every detail has to fit the whole in a heart-warming harmony and it has to be the most beautiful day of your life?

I know it sounds cheesy, like one of those Nora Roberts novels that I read not a long time ago, where everything is fairytale-like. It is not cheesy at all. It is one of the most grilling experience one can go through and only those who did it or the brides-to-be can understand.

Sandbox event planning sketch

Sandbox event planning sketch (Photo credit: edmittance)

Details, details, details….

First of all, leaving aside the fact that you cannot please everyone – especially the parents -, you have to put together the big things with the smallest details. The ceremony venue and your beliefs have to match your outfits, the reception hall has to be decorated with matching flowers and decorations. The wedding party – they have to wear clothes in colors that you like, but they also have to like it. How do you figure out the seating chart? My aunt Georgina doesn’t get well with her sister-in-law, but then, she also hates my other aunt S. It’s brain-wrecking, mind blowing, out-of-this-world stressfull. Then, what happens if the menu doesn’t quite fit with the wedding theme? What if not all the guests think that meat balls don’t go well with a ballroom wedding? I will not even talk about the dress and how everything has to revolve around it.

It is all a long process of decision making and it involves as much imagination as practical sense and mental strentgh. All of this takes all the enthusyasm out of it, leaving just shoulder pains, late night fights with your fiance and unhappy looks from the parents whose advice you are not taking.

So… after going through all these steps, I wonder: Where will I get my inspiration from? Because I want my wedding to be perfect for me, to make me happy, not grumpy, to be a celebration day, rather than a year of effort planning it.

Here it comes… the revelation

So I figured I could just go with my instinct, and let the details to the days when I am in a good, creative mood. Let the colors flow before my eyes while watching the sky, let the relief come with the rain and gather all the good sensations in a corner of my mind for when the day that I have to make the decision comes. I found out I get my inspiration from stories – books, movies -, the people closest to me, the mountains and the nature. I get my inspiration from thinking about me and my wonderful, eight-year-old relationship, from the good and the bad, from what I hear and see, from what warms my heart when I look at it.

English: Wedding party, 1940-1950

English: Wedding party, 1940-1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got the inspiration from knowing what I want, finding out what I can do, and playing with everything, not stressing over what makes everyone else happy. I got my inspiration from the websites, the thrift store books, the shops and art galleries. You will be amazed to know how many inspiring things I found out and keep on finding.

Where do YOU get your inspiration from when planning a wedding?

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