Of passion and other demons

When it comes to love and passion, I can barely speak from my own experience. Though I am in love, I never projected or thought of my feelings as passion. I can only get a grasp of it every now and then, when the closeness, attraction and intimacy are reaching high levels.
But I will not speak of that kind of passion, for it is to personal a subject to reveal. It’s another kind of passion that interests me. It’s the passion for what you do, for your work, activity, everyday occupation.
How can you continuously be passionate with what you do? How can you love every detail, aspect of your work with such intensity that it makes you be the best you can be? I’ve been asking myself this for a while now, because I seem to be experiencing only temporary passions that go just as fast as they came.
“You can either lead, or follow, or just get out of the way”, she told me one day with the wise look on her face. Linda has never been in the way. She can lead by only looking at you, and she works miracles when you work alongside her. Her career in hotel management is not a surprise, for she has always done everything with passion and dedication. She is inspiring and sets an example by just doing her work. I worked two summers under her lead, and I’ve learned more than I thought one can learn in half a life.

She said she would retire, but the truth is she just gave up her management career to be this amazing glass artist, that now inspires by putting together colours and textures, shapes and images. You can get a glimpse of what she does here: http://www.artatthemain.com/artists/kalmar/index.html . It will leave its mark and make you want to buy it. Read the description she wrote and I am sure you will see through the simple words she used the same amazing woman I see every time I meet with her.

One of Linda’s pieces

The other demons are those who make you doubt there is something that you can do with excellence. The’re hunting me right now.

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