Second lesson in Jackson Hole: relax and smile, and everything will be alright

Do you know that kind of panic that freezes your entire brain and body? That’s how I felt on my first week of work. Mistake after mistake and only after being pushed did I realize that if I relaxed, I’d do just fine. So, here I am, totally relaxed and smiling, making jokes and find that software that I used to dread totally user friendly.

With a smile on your face, not even job interviews are that difficult anymore. This place has this ability, of teaching you to smile. And trust me, it’s not the least insignificant when you are a “panicky” type of person, or one whose face mirrors every single emotion or change of mood. I found out a smile, when not forced, but given without rezervations, can do so much for you when you have to be friendly and professional at the same time.

Let me tell you a story. While at work – in a motel, at the front desk -, you interact with all kinds of people: nice, warm and smiley, cranky and demanding, even rude and offensive. One must keep calm, otherwise you would grow old in 3 months’ time. So, here I was, on a busy morning, dreading every single person coming through the door. While checking in someone very rude and demanding, an elderly couple comes in and, as soon as they see me, start whispering to each other: “Do you remember her? She was here last year.”

I could not help my smile spread over my face because their enthuziasm at seeing me was pretty contagious. It is with these people that you realize you must be doing something right. Not only did they changed my mood, they made me remember why I became passionate about the hospitality industry. Of course I smiled back, and while doing so, I found myself happy to have seen them again.

What is it about this place that makes people come back and remember other people that they met? What is it that makes you smile and relax, even though things might get rough?

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